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I’ve always had some natural ability in the visual arts and both my parents had strong artistic talents. I’ve worked in glass, drawing, watercolors and other mediums. Finally, photography came to center stage and that is now my concentration.

The images I photograph in nature convey many things to many people – vibrant color, the enormity and wonder of the world around us, and the emotional impact a certain scene can convey. To me, as the creator of these images, they represent all these things plus something much more personal. I am somehow connected to the scene, and carry this feeling of connection with me as I work through this unique blending of craft and art that is photography. I have found this awareness of self in the world around me plays a special part in the creation of the next successful image.

I explore nature’s beauty constantly - up a mountain, down to a waterfall and out to my own backyard. I photograph the majestic and the minute, all focused on capturing the spirit within. At the end of the day, I want my photography to take my viewers out there with me, on their own journey, through my art.

Prints are produced individually by me using Epson large-format printers with archival print media to guarantee the highest quality, longest lasting prints that can be produced. Standardized industry colorfast ratings are a minimum of 100 years for all of my Fine Art prints. All prints will be signed on the bottom right corner by me in either gold or silver metallic ink.

I also offer prints on metal (dye sublimation onto aluminum) which provide remarkable color and clarity, and a contemporary look in your home.


R. Hanes Hoffman Jr.

R. Hanes Hoffman Jr. is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who lives and works in Western, North Carolina. An avid fisherman, naturalist and world traveler, I take pride in capturing the essence of each species of wildlife depicted in my sculptures. My work is both interpretive and realistic. My sculptures can be seen in fine gift shops and galleries in many parts of the country and are included in private collections worldwide. Each piece is unique, signed and dated by the artist with a good luck penny behind the eye, which is my unique signature touch.

A life’s fascination with the beauty of fish and other wildlife led me to choose copper as the medium best suited for sculpting my creations. I feel that the ”friendliness” of this metal is so attractive to work with and it lends it’s qualities to realism.


Creations are individually hand-crafted from solid copper. Hanes uses a variety of hand tools to achieve authentic detail of species. Works are then painted with flame to produce beautiful markings and iridescent colors. Each piece is then finished with a clear coating to deter oxidation. This work is three-dimensional, one-sided, bas-relief sculpture. Each piece is fitted with a hanger on the reverse, ready to hang on a hook. This art is functional for outdoor as well as indoor use.



Let Go……….Let Clay


To me, life is a work of art always in progress and only finished when we take our last breath. It is through this belief that art informs all that I am and all that I do. Even within the daily routines that consume so much of our time, art is alive and only waits for our notice.

With time and age I’ve discovered ways to let my authentic self play out in who I am and the events of my life, but something always seemed missing. My first pottery teacher called it “finding your voice”. I found my voice when I created my first hand built piece of pottery. In the past few months, I have made a move to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, finding that within these mountains my vision for my work has expanded beyond what I thought possible.

Running my own business for over 25 years made control a necessary part of my world. With clay, I’ve learned the opposite. By letting go of control I am able to see what the clay wants me to see. When I truly let go, I can create beauty. It flows from the very essence of my being.

As with much in life, what we’ve done in the past can play a part in the new that we desire. My 20+ years as a massage therapist have taught me that human muscles respond not to control and force, but to the intuitive work of my hands to find what the body needs me to find. It is this experience that allows me to feel the clay and to hear the voice of the art within waiting to be released.


I am a hand build potter using the ancient coil method which has been utilized in North America for the past 2000 years. This method involves starting with a small disc of earthenware clay; I then roll out a long clay coil and add it to the disc, sculpting it with only a scraper and 3 simple tools so that it becomes part of the pot. The piece must then rest and dry enough so that when the next coil is placed it does not collapse but moist enough to be able to accept the new coil. This process is repeated until the pot has grown to its intended size. At this point, I can either carve the pot or apply additional clay as decoration. I then burnish each piece with a smooth quartz stone to achieve a shiny finish. By rubbing the clay with the stone, the cells of the clay collapse and face the same direction which creates the beautiful luster finish. This form of pottery is a very time intensive labor of love; each piece can take from 10-40 hours to complete. No glazes are used in this time-honored technique.


Raymond M. Byram

Raymond M. Byram was born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He received his primary and secondary education in area schools. He earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Indiana University, graduating in 1976. Ray is the co-founder of the Indiana University Art Museum, which he accomplished while completing a museum internship.

Presently a free-lance artist working in oils, watercolor and printmaking. He has done extensive commission work for private and corporate collections.

A phrase that best describes Raymond Byram and his work is: “technical virtuosity”. The late Dr. Ben Miller, Chairman of Indiana University at Pennsylvania’s Fine Arts Department that taught Ray his final advanced oil painting course before graduation, stated at that time that Ray Byram had reached a level of “technical virtuosity”. Byram has been painting in oil since 1969. He received his Fine Arts degree in 1976 while also receiving a minor in Art History. He co-founded the Indiana University o f Pennsylvania Fine Arts Museum while completing a museum internship under the nationally renown art historian Dr. Balsiger. Since graduation he has devoted himself to his painting, having one man and group shows throughout the East.

Although he has worked in a variety of genres, styles and mediums from abstract to surreal to neo-realism, from oils to watercolors, etchings, woodcuts and serigraphy, it has been landscapes in oil that have been his primary pursuit. His love of nature, the Appalachian forests in conjunction with his love of Impressionism have combined to synthesize his individual style which he calls a “tight impressionism”. Byram explains, “At quick glance my style obviously looks realistic, yet I employ the theories and approach of the Impressionists”.


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